CSS Formular Validierung

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CSS3 Pseudo-Classes

	- valid
	- invalid
	- required
	- optional
	- in-range [in conjunction with the min and max attributes]
	- out-of-range [in conjunction with the min and max attributes]
	- read-only
	- read-write


	input:focus:required:invalid {
	  background: pink url(ico_validation.png) 379px 3px no-repeat;
	input:required:valid {
	  background-color: #fff;
	  background-position: 379px -61px;


	<input id="password" type="password"  />
	<p class="validation01">
	  <span class="invalid">Minimum 8 characters, one number, one uppercase 
	letter and one lowercase letter</span>
	  <span class="valid">Your password meets our requirements, thank you.
	.validation01 {
	  background: red;
	  color: #fff;
	  display: none;
	  font-size: 12px;
	  padding: 3px;
	  position: absolute;
	  right: -110px;
	  text-align: center;
	  top: 0;
	  width: 100px;
	input:focus + .validation01 {
	  display: block;
	input:focus:required:valid + .validation01 {
	  background: green;
	input:focus:required:valid + .validation01 .invalid {
	  display: none;
	input:focus:required:invalid + .validation01 .valid {
	  display: none;

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